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    Anonymous said: im mildly concerned beacuse when browsing the danisnotonfire tag i begin to make uncontrolable dying seal noises.


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    Anonymous said: I'm just wondering ,how someone can be that cute as Dan



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    Anonymous said: I hope Dan will go online today on YouNow :c



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    Anonymous said: Do you think that the super amazing project won't come back because it's paired with 'my damn channel'

    I think it’s more because they really don’t have time. Dan and Phil had a hard time doing the channel even BEFORE the radio show. Plus eventually they just started doing it last minute each week because they were trying to do main channel stuff and it just became too much.

    I can’t imagine how stressed they’d be if they tried juggling SAP, their own channels, the radio show, while still finding time to relax as well.


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    Anonymous said: Do you have any weird/derpy photos of dan?


    But for some reason it only lets me upload one an ask so I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back for more.


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    Anonymous said: Do you think in an alternate universe dan is ALWAYS dinosaur dan?

    Personally I always had the headcanon he was BEAR Dan but that’s just me.


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    cocodageda123 said: Hey this isn't a question but I just wanna say your blog is awesome and Dan is amazing! Thank you for the awesome posts aha ;) <3

    thank u babe ily much appreciated 


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